-Who Are We-

This company was started with the idea that there is more to a cute vest or shorts than just throwing some pink into the guys line.  Although a smaller demographic, we feel that female wakesurfing  is an area that has been under appreciated or possibly seen as an afterthought by most larger manufacturers.  Wakesurf Girl looks to change this idea by focusing on the ladies first, from concept to final product, and put forward items that ring true to the slogan “We all wakesurf… Girls just look better doing it”.  By focusing on women we hope to create an environment that fosters growth within the sport for years to come and allows the girls doing the riding to develop the future, not the guys.

Wakesurf Girl, because being an afterthought is completely unacceptable.


We will be growing this list as we expand our presence into the world of wakesurfing.  These first few are people/companies who have already pledged their support and we look forward to growing along with.  Please take a minute to click on over to their pages and look around.  Each company shown is doing their part to grow the sport of wake surfing and we want to help support them in any way we can.

Exile Audio
Victoria Skimboards
Agenda Surf – Performance traction products